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First of all, E-Sword is a MS-DOS program, running under Windows 95-Vista. So from the get-go, E-Sword is not for Linux, but if you are a Linux user (as I will probably be with Microsoft getting freakier and flakery over the years) then there are some "work arounds".

Note that I do not have Linux installed so I am going by comments posted on other websites for what I have for you here. Hope something is useful in it.


This is the Windows Emulation (WinE) program that allows you to run Windows programs under Linux. Once you install Wine (probably already have it), you should google e-Sword on I'll help you). There are files on there that I cannot access because I do not have a password, but Google reports them.

Please go to this page on winehq and read its evaluate of Wine use with e-Sword.

As of Sept 5, 2007 this is what is posted on their page.

Appears they tested WINE with e-Sword versions 6.5.x, 7.0.0, 6.0, 7.0.5, 7.7.7, and 7.8.5.

Notes on 7.0.0

Installed e-sword 7.0.0 with Crossover office 2.0 beta. program runs beatifully!! fully functional! A little slow at rendering, but faster than 6.5.x The real trick is getting the modules in- so far the only way I can find to do it is to extract them in windows and then copy them to the e-sword directory. If someone finds a wine that can run these particular self extractors please let me know!!

Notes on 7.0.5

Bible study software. Works very well other than a notice on startup that it can\'t open the study notes file. So, right now I have to keep notes in outside document. Bibles and other modules must be installed in windows and copied in.

 Frank's Corner 

This is what Frank has posted on installing e-Sword.

Tested Wine Version: 0.9.33

Type wine setup785.exe to install e-Sword.
Copy the following files to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32:
riched20.dll, download here
In winecfg set riched20.dll to native for e-sword.exe.
Type wine e-sword.exe in the installation directory to run e-Sword.

It appears to me that this guy Frank is running e-Sword on a Linux machine, so I think it is possible.

 Installing Modules under Linux

It would seem that only half the battle is installing e-Sword, and the other half is to install the modules that go with e-Sword. Here the problem is that many "helpful" people have installation programs (mostly ZIP exe's) that simply have a hard time in Linux and choke. That's the bad news. The good news is that if you have e-Sword installed, you do not need the installation program. Go to a friend's PC (running Windows), install the module (run the exe) and then look under

wine_c_drive\Program Files\e-Sword

 and copy the files onto a floppy or flash drive and copy them into your e-Sword folder on your machine. E-Sword reads what files are in its folder and from that uses them. E-Sword (as far as I know) does nothing else when installing modules. There is no registry or anything for the modules, just for e-Sword.

From what I can see in the forums and other pages I read while studying this a little bit, even if you get e-Sword installed and the modules you want in the program, Linux and Wine seem to hang regularly using e-Sword. Sorry for that "news"! See below, PDF alternative.


 E-Sword and Ubuntu!   

Since the first release of Ubuntu CE, e-Sword has been one of the main requests for inclusion. However, e-Sword is a Windows only program. I knew that it was possible to install it using Wine, but I was not sure if it could be done with the stability that would be needed in order to include it. Then there was the issue of adding modules.

Well, after a few weeks of non-stop coding and discussions on the Ubuntu CE forums, I believe I have an e-Sword package for Ubuntu CE that will be included in an upcoming release. It is packaged as a .deb package so it is really simple to install. It fetches all of the necessary installation files from the appropriate web servers and installs them to a dedicated Wine directory. This means that your existing Wine directory will remain untouched. It also includes a Module Manager to make it super easy to install modules from the e-Sword site. There is even a manual module install option for those who have purchased some of the non-free modules.

You can get the latest version here.
[or I have a copy on my website here]



 The Adobe Acrobat PDF Alternative 

On my library website, I am trying to post religious library study files in different formats. I realize that there are people out there that do not have Windows computers, so some MAC, LINUX, and other unique systems will not allow e-Sword to install.

For you people, go to my library page

Much of my library is readable online (using a regular web browser of any type). I also have an on-going project to put all my books on my site in e-Sword, RTF, HTML, and PDF formats. Adobe has made readers for their software for just about every operating system that exists. This will give you the ability to at least download and read good religious books for you private use.


(c) David R. Cox 2007

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